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"A home for our dearly departed."

Surigao Memorial Park, for practical purposes, serves as a place for burying the human remains. However, it is also place where memories of loved ones who have passed away are enshrined.Thus, it is valued by the people of Surigao City, because, as we in SMPI say, “Memories are forever.”


It should also be perceived as a community asset because it is entrusted with honoring the past, and it provides an open space as well as a panoramic vista of the sea and the hills surrounding it. Thus, we, the living Surigaonons and our visitors have a place to revisit our past and also enjoy the breathtaking view of the green hills and blue seas surrounding our cemetery park, a place we all can be proud of.


With the initial acquisition of five hectares, the park has grown to more than 18 hectares of sloping hills overlooking the city.

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